Surveillance solutions provide security and business benefits

No longer considered a grudge purchase, security surveillance systems have proven their worth as business tools. They have the ability to enhance productivity and improve occupational health and safety (OHS) compliance, while also being useful as employee training tools.

Future Digital Communication has an extensive range of security surveillance digital recording solutions for various industries and applications. All products, sourced through M.A.S.S. Security Solutions, are geared towards enhancing security of human and other assets, providing increased sustainability of operations and creating a more productive environment.

Product offerings include Dallmeier network-based video surveillance systems, from cameras, picture storage and image transmission to customised management systems. An example is the SeMSy® III, a high-performance and future-proof video management system with optimum user friendliness. It offers a comprehensive range of functions, including the display of live images, various search options within the footage, the control of PTZ cameras and easy archiving of relevant sequences.

IndigoVision complete, end-to-end future proofed video security solutions include security cameras, video recorders and body-worn video cameras, as well as security management software. All of IndigoVision’s products, from architecture to hardware to software, work together powerfully, seamlessly and easily, offering unrivalled flexibility.

“The company’s Distributed Network Architecture means that a central server is not required, providing greater resilience, while reducing latency and eliminating network bottlenecks. The entire IndigoVision range is scalable, allowing clients to mix and match any combination of cameras, storage and software to create the most effective security solution for their needs,” says Future Digital Communications CEO, Nicolas Glossoti.

Silent Sentinel offers a broad range of thermal imaging cameras including the compact, rugged continuous rotation Oculus Ti RC3 rugged thermal PTZ camera with vehicle detection up to 5.5 km and a robust IP67 casing. The Oculus Ti is a dual module thermal and video camera, while the Osiris offers long-range surveillance solutions.

The Silent Sentinel thermal camera range is designed and manufactured for harsh and demanding environments. Silent Sentinel offers a wide selection of fixed and zoomable thermal lenses to suit most applications.

Navtech Radar develops commercially deployed high-definition, integrated radar solutions that drive safety, security and efficiency. With a low rate of false alarms, the systems operate in all weather and light conditions, providing automatic perimeter and wide area security for complete situational awareness.

The company’s AdvanceGuard high-definition radar technology is a fully automatic system, whereby operators are alerted with warnings or alarms when there is a potential or actual perimeter breach. “Detecting threats before the perimeter is breached, or reporting suspicious behaviour allows your security team to prevent breaches before they occur. As your operators are only alerted to real threats they remain alert and effective,” Glossoti points out.

All alerts are displayed on a single screen using the witness Sentinel display, providing full, real-time situational awareness of incidents on site and allowing users to direct security teams to intercept any intruders. The system provides automatic control of multiple PTZ cameras in real time.

TechnoAware is the ultimate video analytics platform for the development of automated video surveillance solutions. VTrack has a complete suite of video analysis functions, created by TechnoAware for the development of intelligent video surveillance integrated solutions.

There are a number of benefits to be derived from video analysis, including specific notification of events of interest, filtering everything unimportant; continuous real-time acquisition and collection of information from any environment; improved protection of infrastructures, assets and facilities. In addition, companies benefit from optimisation of personnel, services and facilities; a reduction in management costs; business intelligence; forensic analysis; as well as automation of processes, procedures or systems.

“Our team is on hand to discuss customised solutions that could involve the integration of various technologies to achieve all business requirements,” says Glossoti.

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