Future Digital focuses on solutions-based communications provision for business sustainability

Future Digital Communication was launched in March 2018 to provide the mining, transportation and telecommunication sectors with a specialised communications consulting and project management service.

The niche market segment was selected based on the personal experience and expertise of the Future digital Team. “Our intention is to design a communications solution that will allow our clients to address and capture business growth opportunities. In essence, we provide business consulting in a vertical manner,” says CEO, Nicolas Glossoti.

Glossoti says that with the increasing need for real-time data, video, voice and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there is a critical need for a solid communications infrastructure foundation. “The technology solutions we provide from a number of reputed high-end suppliers perfectly complement the demands of today’s IT systems. Our solutions are in essence the enabler for them to perform automation and deep machine learning tasks.”

As Big Data on the Internet and Edge data in companies accelerate in popularity, there are a growing number of instances where seamless sustainable communication is critical to processes, for both safety and security reasons. Reliable communications equipment is a prerequisite, allowing organisations to rest assured that downtime on networks will be mitigated.

Glossoti, together with Business Development Manager Rod Avis recognised the need for more personalised service and technology offerings to their chosen industries. In addition to offering a number of hand-picked products which are reputed for their features and reliability, the company is also able to assist clients in the planning and implementation of their projects.

“If you don’t plan correctly, there is no doubt that you will receive an unsatisfactory result from your project. We leverage our personal experience in wireless communications and the mining sector to devise solutions that are specific to the environments in which they will be working. Although we have a number of products we distribute, we are happy to work with client-selected products. The key here is how the technology is implemented,” Avis points out.

Future Digital is steadily growing its product portfolio and currently drives a number of brands with comprehensive ranges. Avis cites the CableFree wireless technology range which operates on the CableFree UNITY platform, providing transparent communications to the end user. Similarly, Fluidmesh’s outdoor wireless Ethernet radio networks and solutions for point-to-point wireless links, point-to-multipoint wireless networks, and wireless mesh networks is dedicated to the transportation and mining industries.

“All of the last-mile focused technology we provide is ruggedised to cater to the harsh environmental demands of the target industries and the equipment has specific ratings for dust and vibration. These factors are important when considering that we guarantee an uptime of 99.999%. In spite of our equipment’s high-end capabilities, we are extremely price competitive in terms of deployment,” Avis explains.

“The Future Digital team focuses on the planning and implementation of integrated solutions by working together with clients in future-proofing their investment and ensuring business sustainability. Collectively we have niche experience in our selected target market segments allowing us to add value not only from a technology awareness perspective, but moreover from a business development perspective. By using this knowledge and experience we are able to advise clients on what they require through a comprehensive consultative and planning approach, thereby ensuring they adopt best practice in their communications infrastructure,” says Avis.

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