Capitalise on advanced LTE/4G technology

The Emerald range of 4G/LTE base stations and EPC products feature advanced cellular technology and includes:

  • LTE-A base stations
  • LTE outdoor CPEs
  • LTE indoor CPEs
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots with LTE backhaul
  • Microwave and MMW backhaul links for complete LTE-A network infrastructure.

Enhanced receivers play a pivotal role in further improving LTE Advanced. For example, devices that cancel inter-cell interference on both common and data channels provide more capacity and better data rates, especially at cell-edges, thereby increasing the user experience. Interference cancellation is even more beneficial at managing interference in dense small cell deployments, significantly increasing their overall performance.

Advanced antenna techniques such as higher-order MIMO are also part of LTE Advanced (up to 8×8 MIMO defined). From today’s 2×2 MIMO configuration the logical next step is to implement 4x receive diversity, which brings most of the gain for four antennas.

Bringing the higher performance and robust mobility of LTE Advanced to unlicenced spectrum immensely benefits both 3G/4G operators and users. Operators can leverage both licenced and unlicenced spectrum using a unified network to augment data capacity while providing the tightest possible interworking between the two. Users get seamless broadband experience and robust connectivity because of a mandatory anchor in the licenced spectrum.

Wireless Excellence is at the forefront of Wireless Technology development and supports the very latest LTE developments in the CableFree range of Software Defined Base Stations, which enable upgrade of features via software updates.