Industry’s most powerful wireless networking system

CableFree UNITY is a major advance over previous generations of wireless links and combines the latest in wireless technologies into a single platform, which can be extended in a flexible manner, to add capacity and capabilities when and as needed.

The CableFree UNITY solution comprises a number of building blocks to provide a flexible component-based solution integrated into a single networking infrastructure. By adding on these elements as building blocks, a bespoke solution is provided for each customer network. UNITY advantages include:

  • Longer range in all weather zones
  • Higher capacity:  Up to 40 Gbps today
  • Higher availability: Up to 99.9999% or higher – ‘better than fibre’
  • No single-point-of-failure
  • ‘Pay as you grow’ scalability and future-proof upgrades.

The UNITY solution achieves weather independence by using complementary technologies over the transmission path, where inclement weather is overcome by ensuring that sufficient active live paths are available.

Current existing links using a single traditional wireless technology have inherent weaknesses based on the electromagnetic spectrum wavelength that it uses – for example, light-based FSO is negatively impacted by fog, while radio-based Millimeter Wave frequencies are susceptible to rain fade. Combining diverse, complementary technologies allows CableFree to overcome this using Wide Wavelength Diversity (WWD) and ensures that the combined link achieves uptime of 100% or as close as physically possible.

The combined link technologies provide increased capacity. For example, adding 1 Gbps MMW and 1 Gbps FSO gives 2 Gbps.  Each path may have 99.99% uptime – which means 2 Gbps during 99.99% of the time, dropping to 1 Gbps for the few minutes per year. In practice, 2x or 3x capacity increase can be achieved using UNITY.

Using diverse wireless media with complimentary fade mechanisms: for example MMW fades in rain but not fog, FSO fades in fog but not rain. The two never occur together. Radio links are unaffected by rain. A composite UNITY link can offer the longest range compared to any one technology alone. In practice, 2x or 3x range extension can be achieved using UNITY.

Using diverse media means that no one failure mechanism exists. Each path may have for example 99.99% uptime – but with complementary fade mechanisms, the composite link will attain far higher availability as one link path will always be ‘up’, even if the other experiences a few seconds or minutes outage.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) in CableFree UNITY is used to ensure that the user network traffic is prioritised over the available airside bandwidth in a highly customisable, intelligent manner and ensures simplicity, flexibility, transparency and great control of user traffic and experience.