Haultrax FleetOps automation solution

Haultrax’s FleetOps, available locally from Future Digital communications, is a cost-effective fleet performance monitoring, management and reporting tool that assists mining operations with better and faster decision making.

Using smart algorithms and geo-contextual information, FleetOps allows the integration and utilisation of all available data. The derived information results in the creation of time-usage, production and cycle-time data that includes full and empty haul times; loading and dumping times; payload conformance; asset utilisation; delay conformance; shift start and stop times; identification of queues at loading and dumping points and truck queue/inactivity shovel hang time.

FleetOps easily configures data from FMS, Payload Management, TPMS and other productivity systems. It automatically sends advisory notifications to alert supervisors of undesirable events of conditions, providing faster response times.

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