Putting fleet management control back in your hands with FleetOps

FleetOps delivers the power of data to mine operations teams to allow for better decision making. This fleet performance monitoring, management and reporting tool uses smart algorithms and geo-contextual information to improve productivity on mines. 

FleetOps is a foundation layer app that provides automated business improvement, assists with digital transformation and empowers supervisors with the knowledge needed to make fact-driven decisions in the pit.

The system allows easy configuration of data inputs from FMS, Payload Management, TPMS and other productivity systems. It produces real insights about the mining operation which will allow prioritisation of field activities.

Through GPS timestamp samples, an analytics engine translates a series of data points into machine time-usage and cycle-time information that includes:

  • Asset utilisation
  • Customised management KPIs.
  • Delay and downtime
  • Delay conformance
  • Full/empty haul time
  • Loading and dumping times
  • Operator conformance KPIs
  • Spot and queue time at load and dump
  • Total productive time.

The primary focus is directed at delivering live, mobile data to shift supervisors in order to arm them with real-time, meaningful information. This provides them with clarity and insight into current operations, enabling data-driven decisions.

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