Consultations, Support
& Training


The fundamental approach by Future Digital Communication is to focus on solution-based outcomes for all its partners and customers. This approach enables Future Digital to offer its partners a fit-for-purpose solution, meeting their technical requirements and financial budgets.

The consulting services allow Future Digital Communication to service partners across the basic industry verticals, and across the territories of Southern Africa.

One of the critical success factors of a digital strategy is an effective, fit-for-purpose communication platform, which may encompass multiple technologies. Future Digital understands the broader context of what a digital strategy involves and can cross-collaborate with other service providers to provide a communication platform which is critical to supporting its partners’ ambitions in developing their digital strategies in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and autonomy.

Future Digital Communication deploys state-of-the-art planning and design software as one of the key elements of the planning phase. The planning tools allow the team to design an optimal solution for partners.


Support & Training

Supporting its clients plays a major role in Future Digital Communication’s 
business ethos. This is achieved through:

  • 1st line support by onsite technical support
  • 2nd line support by Future Digital Communication technical team
  • 3rd line support by Technology Partner
  • 24-hour telephonic support from Technology Partners
  • Managed installation and maintenance of projects
  • RMA repairs done by Future Digital Communication or Technology Partner
  • Guaranteed stockholding per client site at distribution centers.

Training is an important component in Future Digital Communication’s package and takes the form of:

  • Onsite technical support training specific to client solution
  • Future Digital Communication site-specific dedicated technical resource
  • Annual training/refresher courses specific to site requirements

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