Wireless Excellence Limited designs, manufactures and sells the high-capacity CableFree range of wireless communication systems for outdoor wireless networks covering urban, rural and national-scale connectivity. The company provides a range of wireless products including diverse mix of MIMO Radio, Microwave, Millimeter-wave, Free Space Optics (FSO), Wi-Fi and other technologies with speeds ranging from 2 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s per link.

Wireless Excellence has achieved several world-first records such as the first commercially available wireless Gigabit links and continues to innovate with continual release of new and innovative wireless communication products.






M.A.S.S is a specialist security systems supplier catering for the higher end of the electronic security market. The company will only supply equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers and all suppliers are characterised by the quality of their offerings.






Stone Three Mining Solutions optimises mineral processing plants through machine vision based smart sensor technology, consultative data analysis and advanced process control services.

The company develops and engineers a range of machine vision solutions including froth sensors, particle size analysers, volumetric material analysers and bubble sizers that measure and optimise mineral extraction processes for the mining industry. These smart sensors provide process data through image analysis technology that deliver real-time benefits to a range of processes within concentrator and comminution plants.





GE provides industrially hardened communications networks for leading industrial and energy companies. Its industrial communications solutions include a broad range of high-quality industrial wireless routers and modems, cellular 4G routers and gateways, hardened optical networks, multiplexers, broadband power line solutions, and Ethernet switches and converters, as well as a full portfolio of professional services, training and accessories.