Suggested technologies include the OFDM MIMO up to 650 Mbps or the LTE/4G up to 600 Mbps. Benefits include:

  • Resilience is increased by having multiple base sites and/or base stations per site
  • Lower cost for multi CPE Access
  • Ideal for dense area deployment
  • Ideal for last mile connectivity and wireless ISP.


Mesh (P2P)

Suggested technologies include:

  • OFDM MIMO up to 650 Mbps
  • FSO up to 1 Gbps
  • MMW up to 10 Gbps+
  • MW up to 1 Gbps+.

Benefits include:

  • Can be resilient with 1+1 technology or using the UNITY platform
  • Can be stacked to provide higher capacity, N+0 for example MMW 10 Gbps – 2+0 provides 20 Gbps net capacity