Haultrax specialises in mine automation and technology implementation for the mining industry. The company’s FleetOps productivity solution provides mobile insights and notifications to allow timely actionable information that eliminates the middleman and any delays currently associated with mining systems technology and processes. The design of the interface, notifications and reports is undertaken in collaboration with mine supervisors to ensure a customised solution that addresses current pain-points and initiatives.

FleetOps is a foundation layer app that:

  • Produces automated business improvements
  • Assists in digital transformation.


  • Easy to configure data inputs from FMS, Payload Management, TPMS and other productivity systems.
  • No additional hardware is required as data is polled from the GE in vehicle unit (IVU).
  • Provides fleet performance insights, management and reporting functionality derived using smart algorithms.
  • Through GPS timestamp samples, an analytics engine translates a series of data points into machine-time usage and cycle information including:
    • Asset utilisation
    • Customised management KPIs.
    • Delay and downtime
    • Delay conformance
    • Full/empty haul time
    • Loading and dumping times
    • Operator conformance KPIs
    • Spot and queue time at load and dump
    • Total productive time.