IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions from security camera to video recorder to body worn video cameras to security management software including:

  • Hybrid NVR workstation
  • Ultra 5K fixed camera
  • Ultra 2K fixed dome camera
  • Ultra 2K PTZ dome camera
  • Ultra 1K fixed camera
  • Fisheye camera
  • Bullet cameras
  • Fixed cameras
  • Minidome cameras
  • 8 MP panoramic dome camera
  • 5 MP microdome camera
  • 4 MP PTZ dome camera
  • 3 MP microdome camera
  • HD microdome camera
  • HD PTZ dome camera
  • HD adaptive IR PTZ dome camera
  • HD bullet camera
  • HD minidome cameras
  • HD pan/tilt minidome camera
  • HD Interceptor PTZ camera
  • XF & XP HD ATEX cameras
  • Thermal bullet camera
  • FrontLine 2
  • Large Enterprise NVR-AS.


All of IndigoVisions’ products, from architecture to hardware to software, are single-mindedly designed towards enhancing your security. They work together powerfully, seamlessly and easily, offering unrivalled flexibility. They are also future proofed.

IndigoVision products are scalable, allowing clients to mix and match any combination of cameras, storage and software to create the most effective security solution for their needs.

The company’s Distributed Network Architecture means that a central server is not required, providing greater resilience, while reducing latency and eliminating network bottlenecks.

With IndigoVision’s video security management software being open, users can choose from a wide range of third party cameras.

Cameras and encoders equipped with IndigoVision’s SMART.core™ technology offer enhanced video and audio performance. Superior compression means less storage costs and up to 90% lower system costs.