Navtech Radar is a world leading innovator and multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed high definition, integrated radar solutions that drive safety, security and efficiency. With a low rate false alarms, the systems operate in all weather and light conditions, providing automatic perimeter and wide area security for complete situational awareness.

AdvanceGuard’s high-definition radar technology provides superior detection over other available perimeter intrusion detection technologies. As a fully automatic system, operators are alerted with warnings or alarms when there is a potential, or actual perimeter breach. Detecting threats before the perimeter is breached, or reporting suspicious behaviour allows your security team to prevent breaches before they occur. As your operators are only alerted to real threats they remain alert and effective.

All alerts are displayed on a single screen using the witness Sentinel display, giving you full, real time situational awareness of incidents on your site and allowing you to direct your security team to intercept any intruders. The system provides automatic control of multiple PTZ cameras in real time.