Project Management

More About Our Project Management

The success of a wireless system implementation depends on critical factors such as leadership, project planning, effective communication, and proficient execution of tasks. Teams with defined project goals and objectives will deliver a more timely and efficient system implementation.

Early on, Future Digital Communication identified the importance of guaranteeing effective project delivery, regardless of the integration partner implementing the solution. It essentially fills the void between the initial project design and the final commissioning, ensuring that any gaps can be addressed.

Our project management team maintain overall responsibility and authority for project activities and are the central contact for planning meetings, scheduling site visits, and gathering and disseminating any documentation that needs to be provided to the Future Digital team and the client’s team throughout project implementation.

The planning phase allows us to assemble the customer core team, conduct the kick off meeting, perform the site survey, begin system design, and coordinate educational planning, as appropriate per project scope. During this phase, a preliminary timeline will be established.

The company’s project management capability allows it to focus on being a solutions provider, with the capacity to negotiate with multiple vendors, manage integration handover points and deploy across multiple sites. The implementation phase provides the opportunity for the team to train and develop partners’ first line support capability, for ongoing seamless support. The knowledge transfer means that partners can manage their risk accordingly, with the assurance that that they have in-house capability for support and expansion.

Depending on the solution sourced through Future Digital the team may be responsible for some or all of the following: system network design, supplying wired infrastructure, network installation, configuration, and certification of the network.

Future Digital will install, configure, test, and validate all system components they supply and will input system default settings that are provided by the customer. After system installation, the team will perform system verification/commissioning to confirm system operation and integrity prior to going live with the system.

Future Digital will provide full onsite and/or in-house training on the systems they supply. Depending on the solution purchased, they will provide as-built installation documentation to the customer project manager after the system goes live. This documentation contains all relevant installation information, such as networked equipment locations, wiring diagrams, and an interconnection matrix.