Future Digital has extensive experience in a number of sectors, with a large presence in the mining, transportation and telecommunications spaces.



  • Communications – Surface/hard rock underground
  • P2P backhaul/P2MP/Mesh/LTE-A/fibre extension
  • Live monitoring of mobile equipment telemetry
  • Real-time video feeds for operations
  • Video surveillance
  • Mobile field communications
  • Fleet and Mine Management Systems
  • Fatigue monitoring 




  • High-speed internet for commuters
  • Data/VoIP/video streaming to passengers.

Freight yard/wayside zone

Cameras on locomotives, viewed in the yard office/dispatch

  • Video in yard, watched on locomotives
  • RCL augmentation
  • Interact with train and attendant workers without pausing operations
  • Remote control operator

Container terminal/intermodals operations 

  • Telemetry/safety IO
  • Cameras on RTGs and straddle carriers for remote operations
  • AGV vehicle connectivity for full automation
  • Backbone network for Wi-Fi APs for mobile workforce/handheld devices
  • Reduction in errors increased productivity
  • Improvement of logistic terminal operation logistic supply line. 



  • Telecom last-mile
  • GSM, 3G/4G/LTE-A networks
  • Wireless CCTV
  • Metropolitan area networks
  • Rural broadband
  • Broadcast HDTV
  • Mobile and temporary links
  • Broadband wireless internet
  • Leased line replacements
  • Avoid network outage caused by fibre cuts.